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Questions to Consider:

  • Are you serving on the board or are the leader of a charity, mission agency, church, camp, or a private school?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you are making a meaningful contribution?
  • How much time does your board spend on administrative minutia compared to looking into the future?
  • Do you ever think there must be a different way of doing board work?
  • Maybe a gnawing feeling that something is wrong but you just can't put your finger on it?
  • Does your board sort of use the Carver Policy Governance® model?
  • Would it be helpful to have someone come in and offer some perspective on how a helathy board should function?

Ted Hull Consulting serves charities, churches, camps and schools that:

  • Have a specific problem, even if it can only be identified by its symptom
  • Are motivated to solve the problem, even if the options are not clear
  • Have an idea what would be different if the problem was solved.
Primary Contacts

272-3336 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba
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A Case Study

He was the founder of a mission organization; establishing it with friends who agreed to sit on his board. Some were happy to provide support, encouragement and funds for the ministry. A few believed it was their responsibility to question travel costs, or hold the reins on administrative salaries or explore the extent of cell phone contracts. The board members were his friends, but the frictio...


October 22, 2014

Board holism is a key principle in the Policy GovernanceŽ model because there are some interesting implications when board holism is not embraced. Board holism views the board, like a family as a whole; as an it, rather than a group of directors. However it may be easier to describe it than define i ......